The castle

The beautiful castle of Parga, a proud legacy of its history and culture.

The Virgin island

The Virgin Panagia green island, in the port of Parga, within swimming distance which owes its name to the Church of “Our Lady” with its characteristic bell. At the highest point a beautiful French castle, built by the French in 1808 can be found.


The Monastery Vlachernas

The Monastery Vlachernas at  Valtos on a hill dominated by the Ionian style bell tower of the 18th century. The image of Our Lady Vlachernas, allegedly came from Cappadocia (on the image the year 986 appears) and is stored in the church museum


The Castle of Ali Pasha

The Castle of Ali Pasha between Anthoisa and Agia, is an imposing building, built in 1814 by the Italian engineer Monteleone, and was the base of Ali Pasha during the siege of Parga. It has been maintained in a very good condition and offers a stunning view of the Ionian Sea.


The mill of Lucca

The mill of Lucca is a small folklore, watermill museum at the Anthousa gorge beside the waterfalls. This unique stone, local architectural structure, which is located in a site full of green trees and plenty of shade, shows the life of the last century.


The church Museum

The church Museum is located in the city center, with rare exhibits of great historical value and the 200 year old, famous flag of Parga.


Το Paragaea - OldOliveOilFactory

Paragaea - Old Olive Oil Factory - Museum


The Acheron River

The Acheron River and its springs are a unique landscape of exceptional and natural beauty. On the its banks and waters one can almost experience the mythology. According to the myth, Acheron flows towards the gates of the “Underworld”.  This is where Hermes lead the souls, giving them to Charos, the ferryman, who carried them  across, over to Acherousia Lake, to the kingdom of Pluto - Hades and Persephone. Various activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding and crossing the river, often take place.



This is the end of the three rivers, Acheron, Pyriflegethon (Vovos) and Cocytus (Black). The ancient Necromancy is situated on the top of a hill. The Necromancy leads to the  gates of the underworld, the entrance to the kingdom of Hades. According to the myth, this is the place where Circe advises Ulysses to meet the oracle Tiresias and get a prophecy about his return to his homeland. The area belongs to the European network of protected areas 2000 (Natura 2000).



The ancient city of Nicopolis was founded by the Romans in southwestern Epirus. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The archaeological site is today’s largest ancient city in Greece.


Paxos – Antipaxos


Crystal clear waters, picturesque villages, beautiful beaches and fiords with sea caves make up the stunning scenery of Paxos. Voutoumi beach in Antipaxos is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.



Municipality of Parga 26843 60300
Hospital Preveza 26820 22871-2
Health Center Parga 26840 31233
Police Parga 26840 31222
Parga Harbour Station 26820 22225
Port 26840 31227
Fire Parga 26840 31199
Bus Agency Parga 26840 31218
Airport Preveza (Aktion) 26820 22355
Airport Eleftherios Venizelos 210 3530000

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